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Therapeutic massages are very useful for those who sit for a long time at the computer, do heavy physical work, and do active sports. They always cause a pleasant feeling of peace, so they are especially useful for people with a sensitive nervous system, suffering from long-term stress, various fears, depression attacks or anxiety. Therapeutic massages are an excellent preventive measure against various diseases.

Therapeutic massages can be performed not only after diagnosing a specific disease, but only after feeling the first symptoms of certain diseases: pain in the neck at the waist, pain in the shoulder, arms or legs, feeling stiffness and pain in the joints. Also, if frequent headaches bother you. Therapeutic massages promote blood circulation, dilate blood vessels, have a positive effect on internal organs, and activate lymph circulation in the body. For physically active people, massages restore the balance of substances and increase the oxygen supply to the tissue by 10-15 percent.

Who is this procedure suitable for?

Massages performed in our clinic are suitable for both women and men experiencing constant tension, fatigue, athletes or simply wanting to pamper themselves with body massages. Massage technique is designed to have a positive effect on the body and nervous system, so it is an effective way to relax the body, reduce pain, tension or fatigue. Also, massages can be performed to remove muscle cramps, restore muscle tone, restore and normalize body function impairments experienced after injuries.

How long is the procedure?

Duration of the massage, depending on the treated area, from 30 to 60 minutes.

Therapeutic massages

The head massage is designed to stimulate the top of the head, the back of the head and the temples.

Massage is relaxing and healing. Such a soothing experience will help you forget all your worries and allow you to enjoy inner peace. Benefits of head massage:

Massage improves blood circulation and nourishes the hair roots, which is a great way to stop hair loss. Massage improves absorption of oils and masks.

The massage relaxes the tense scalp. Massage soothes, relaxes and reduces stress.

The duration of the head massage is 30 minutes (including undressing and dressing).


Hands perform countless tasks every day, and with age, their skin wears out quickly.

We constantly do something with our hands and see them, so they need exceptional care. Hand massage can take care of not only the aesthetic appearance of the hands, but also the physical condition. Massage movements help to relax the muscles of the hands and move the joints.

After the massage, the hands swell less, blood and lymph circulation improves. Also, the hands do not get tired so quickly and become less numb. Feet The points on the feet communicate with every internal organ, so when the feet are massaged, other parts of the body feel the effect. It has a very positive effect on health, because during the massage the functioning of internal organs and blood circulation are improved, the nervous system is strengthened and tension is reduced.

This massage can also be a prevention against various diseases. The duration of the hand and foot massage is 30 minutes (including undressing and dressing).

Exfoliating body massage will not only take care of your skin by exfoliating it, but will also remove tension accumulated in the body.

With this massage, the skin is exfoliated, old dirt and dead skin cells are removed. Exfoliating massage also reduces fatigue, tension and stress, so during it you will relax and forget all your worries. Benefits of an exfoliating body massage:

Improves blood circulation.

Relaxes the muscles.

Gives energy and eliminates the feeling of fatigue.

Helps to clean skin pores and remove old dirt and dead skin cells.

After the massage, the skin will become softer and brighter. The duration of the exfoliating massage is 60 minutes (including undressing and dressing).

The purpose of therapeutic back massage is to help the body recover after experiencing damage from these or other factors.

One or another back ailments greatly affect the quality of a person's life, often limiting the possibilities of activities.

Back pain is a fairly common problem that can be caused by various factors: incorrect body position while working, walking or resting; high loads on the body; operations; diseases; injuries.

Massage helps to rehabilitate after medical procedures, suppresses and eliminates pain, so it can become a way to regain well-being and enjoy a pain-free everyday life. During the massage, the master will select the most appropriate strength and frequency of movements, taking into account the condition of the back, to provide the greatest therapeutic benefit. Benefits of therapeutic back massage:

Blood circulation and lymph flow in the back area are improved.

Relieves back pain.

Relaxes tense back areas.

Gives strength and helps eliminate the feeling of fatigue.

The skin of the back becomes firm and elastic. The duration of the therapeutic back massage is 30 minutes (including undressing and dressing).

Therapeutic massage of the whole body is not only a guarantee of peace of mind and deep relaxation of the body, but also one of the means of treatment.

The purpose of this massage is to help the body recover from stress, injuries, operations, and rehabilitate after other medical procedures. Benefits of therapeutic massage:

Blood circulation and lymph flow are improved.

The properties of the body necessary for regeneration are "mobilized".

Relaxes tense areas, smoothes wrinkles and scars.

Gives strength and helps eliminate the feeling of fatigue.

The skin becomes firm and elastic, the color of the skin is bright. Duration of therapeutic full body massage is 60 minutes (including undressing and dressing).

The roots of Swedish deep massage go back to the 19th century, when the Swedish physiologist Henrik Ling systematized various massages and created a massage theory, from which Swedish deep massage was born.

It is based on therapeutic, sports and aromatherapy massage. Swedish deep massage helps effectively combat muscle pains, relieves and suppresses them.

By applying a special movement technique, the deep layers of muscles and fascia (membranes of connective tissue) are relaxed, so the pains that lock the body will decrease and your well-being will improve.

Massage is not recommended if a person has a fever, high blood pressure, skin infections or serious kidney disease.

Benefits of Swedish Deep Massage:

The work of the lymphatic system improves.

Blood circulation of the skin and subcutaneous tissue improves.

Eliminates chronic muscle pain.

All the muscles are moved, so the body relaxes.

After the massage, you will feel a surge of strength. The duration of the Swedish deep massage is 60 minutes (including undressing and dressing).

Deep tissue massage is a type of massage therapy that focuses on the deep muscles and connective tissue.

This is especially helpful for chronic pain and stiffness in areas such as the neck and upper back. Also for lower back pain, leg and arm muscle pain.

During this massage, slow and strong movements are made to reach the deep muscles. Deep tissue massage is usually intended to treat a specific problem:

Chronic muscle pain;

Rehabilitation after trauma;

Lower back pain;

Limited mobility;

Recovery from injuries; Postural problems;

Muscle tension in the neck, buttocks, legs, arms, upper back;

Osteoarthritis pains; Sciatica;

Piriformis syndrome; Tennis elbow;


The duration of the deep tissue stretching massage is 60 minutes (including undressing and dressing).

Sports myofascial massage is a massage that stimulates all muscle groups and fascia.

It is performed with strong, fast and deep movements that warm up the muscles. This massage is recommended not only for athletes, but also for people engaged in other active physical activities or experiencing constant tension and fatigue. The massage technique is designed to warm up the muscles, so it is an effective way to prepare them before or relax them after a workout.

Also, massage can be performed to remove muscle cramps, restore muscle tone, restore and normalize body function impairments experienced after trauma.

Why is sports myofascial massage especially relevant for athletes?

During sports, the blood circulation supplies the muscles with oxygen and removes accumulations of acidic substances.

When these processes are disturbed, the muscle can contract. Such a reaction is called a spasm (cramp). Insufficiently rested muscles overwork and nodules - fibrositis - appear in the muscle tissues.

Then the muscles begin to feel tension, swelling occurs, which often turns into pain, thus worsening both the well-being and the quality of life in general.

The duration of sports myofascial massage is from 30 to 60 minutes (including undressing and dressing).

Neck, upper back, shoulder massage is a type of massage that focuses on the following three areas: neck, neck, and shoulders. Especially useful for those who feel a lot of tension, fatigue, heaviness in these areas.

Neck, upper back, shoulder massage duration - 30 min.

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