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Dreaming of a dazzling white smile? This is an aspiration of many people. Flawless, white and glowing teeth not only let the world see the charm of your smile, but also give you confidence. Over time, the teeth begin to change color, which can cause a person great discomfort. The specialists of Sokrats Clinic are ready to fulfill the dream of having sparkling white teeth!

Why should you choose teeth whitening "Beyond" system?

Beyond“ garantuoja stulbinančius rezultatus kiekvienam, kuris nori baltesnių dantų ir švytinčios šypsenos. Dantų balinimo procedūra ypač tinka tiems, kurių dantų emalis pageltęs nuo maisto, gėrimų ar tabako produktų. Tai efektyvi priemonė atstatant dantų baltumą tetraciklininiams dantims (dėl vaikystėje vartotų antibiotikų). Dantų balinimas nerekomenduojamas nėščioms moterims, krūtimi žindančioms moterims, asmenims iki 18 metų, nešiojantiems breketus. Nusprendus balinti dantis, patariama sutarti dėl vizito pas higienistą ar gydytoją odontologą. Apžiūros metu įvertinama burnos ertmės būklė ir ar reikalinga profesionali burnos higiena prieš dantų šviesinimo procedūrą.

Teeth whitening - restoring the discolored teeth to the natural whiteness of tooth enamel.

A small amount of urea and hydrogen peroxide is used to restore whiteness under the BEYOND® Polus Power Whitening whitening lamp. The BEYOND Polus system has an advanced light filtering system that eliminates harmful ultraviolet and infrared rays and emits heat, guaranteeing safety, comfort and no risk during and after the procedure. The whitening gel, exposed to the BrightLight (LED) light beam, activates the oxygen in the whitening gel, which cleans the slag from the tooth structure, accumulated from staining food, drinks or antibiotics. Teeth whitening can be professional or non-professional.

Unprofessional teeth whitening is a rather long and often painful process (teeth are washed, they become sensitive to external stimuli). It can be done at home - graves. Professional teeth whitening is performed in a dentist's office. It is advisable to have your teeth whitened by a specialist, as this is the fastest, most effective and safest way to achieve the desired result. Scientific and clinical studies prove that teeth whitening using the BEYOND Polus Power Whitening system is 100% safe.

Many dentists are convinced that this system is the safest teeth whitening procedure because the teeth are not ground.

Tooth discoloration is caused by various factors:

•  Aging is a major factor in tooth discoloration. As we age, the tooth enamel thins, so the color of the teeth also changes.

•  Consumption of coloring substances - medicines, food, coffee, tea, tobacco, etc.

•  Genetics – Individual tooth enamel thickness varies. The thinner the tooth enamel, the more visible the darkness of the dentin, the more susceptible the enamel is to tooth color changes.

Based in Houston, Texas, Beyond is a global leader in aesthetic dentistry with an international research and development team. Production and quality control perform strict standards according to ISO 13485 certification.

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•  The whitening process is faster and the whitening results are better. The short chair time allows the dentist to focus more on his patient, and the procedure becomes even more enjoyable for him.

• Short preparation for the procedure, as gels and whitening lamps do not require protection of the entire oral cavity. All you need is lip balm, gum protection and a cheek retractor to start the procedure.

•  Adjustable treatment settings ensure that the patient receives a treatment tailored to them by setting the lamp power to low, medium or high Beyond whitening - long-term results are visible immediately.

•  The most convenient and effective teeth whitening system on the market today.

• Products developed in the United States of America have been tested in clinical trials.

•  Before teeth whitening, it is necessary to carry out an oral hygiene procedure - it is important to remove all plaque and tartar, so that the teeth can be whitened evenly and equally everywhere. It is recommended to perform a professional oral hygiene procedure no earlier than two weeks before teeth whitening. Perform a professional oral hygiene procedure every 6 months or as recommended by your dentist or oral hygienist.

• Do not drink tea, coffee, red wine, colored soft drinks, alcoholic beverages and fruit juices for two weeks after the procedure. This should be especially avoided in the first 24 hours after the procedure.

• For two weeks after the procedure, and especially for the first 24 hours, it is mandatory to avoid all dark-staining foods, such as beets, berries, bologna, soy sauce, red meat, chocolate, etc.

• After the procedure, it is recommended to follow a white diet for at least 48 hours. Recommended food and drinks after the teeth whitening procedure: chicken, fish, potatoes, pasta and white sauces, cereals, milk, rice.

•  Do not smoke, because cigarette smoking darkens the color of teeth. • To maintain the whitening effect at home, you can use universal or individual whitening tombs (no longer than 14 days).

•  Avoid colored toothpastes (red or blue) and mouthwashes.

• Follow personal oral hygiene at home after the teeth whitening procedure. Brush your teeth with a soft mechanical brush or an electric ultrasonic brush twice a day, use interdental cleaning agents and a tongue cleaner.

•  After teeth whitening, use a remineralizing toothpaste, which is necessary to restore the moisture of the teeth, restore the shine and establish the white color on the surface of the teeth. If your teeth or gums have become sensitive, use toothpaste or gels that reduce tooth sensitivity.

•  To maintain the best results, it is recommended to purchase and use BEYOND Pearl White whitening toothpaste.

The result remains forever, so there is no need to repeat the procedures, unless the goal is to have very white teeth. Whitening results depend on the condition of the person's teeth. During clinical trials, the BEYOND Polus Power Whitening whitening system achieved 3 to 8 shades lighter teeth according to the VITA scale.

Results usually last up to 2 years, but this depends on the person's lifestyle and hygiene habits. After teeth whitening, over time, the teeth regain their former tooth color. Coffee, black tea, red wine, smoking - these are products that stain the tooth enamel, which will make the results last longer or require more frequent whitening procedures, so they should be used less often. It is recommended to visit professional oral hygiene procedures regularly, which will ensure a healthier and more beautiful condition of the teeth.


Including preparation time, the BEYOND Polus Power Whitening procedure takes about 90 minutes.

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