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We all know that a tattoo is a permanent thing, and it takes determination to immortalize a design on your body that will not be so easy to get rid of. We present a simple, fast, painless, effective way to remove laser tattoos quickly and efficiently. Laser tattoo removal is the most effective means of removing unwanted or faded ornaments from your body. It is a fast, painless, safe, simple and reliable procedure.

Who is this procedure suitable for?

The procedure is suitable for anyone who wants to remove a tattoo from the body. Tattoo removal is not performed in pregnant women, in the presence of wounds in the treatment area, in epilepsy, in the use of photosensitizing drugs.

Visible result after several procedures?

The number of procedures depends on the intensity of the color of the tattoo, the amount and depth of the dye, and the place of the body where it is located. The darker the patient’s skin, the more difficult it is to remove the pigment. More times may also be needed for extremely bright, professional tattoo removal. Amateur tattoos will require 2-3 treatments, while professional tattoos may require 4-5 treatments. There is no special preparation before the procedure. The frequency of the procedure is once a month. After the procedure, it is advisable to avoid UV and sunlight or use a strong sun protection. No side effects or spotting of the treated area were observed.

How long is the procedure?

Laser tattoo removal can take 15-30 minutes, depending on its size and location.

The cost of laser tattoo removal

  • 1 square centimeter 55 €
  • 5 square centimeters 85 €
  • 10 square centimeters 125 €

* 15% applies to the second and third tattoo removal procedures. discount

** During the procedure, the doctor-dermatologist consultation is free of charge.

*** When determining the price, the boundaries of the tattoo are calculated and if the area is not completely filled with the tattoo, the doctor evaluates and determines the price

How are laser tattoos removed?

When removing tattoos with a laser, a short but sharp pulse is sent. The essence of the procedure is to break down the pigment in the skin, so that it is easier to remove it when the activated regeneration process begins in the skin. The laser beam is aimed directly at cells that contain pigment (dye). The patient may feel a heating effect in the area of ​​tattoo removal, but this quickly passes. The procedure is performed by dermatovenerologist Gintarė Linkevičiūtė and Eglė Zinkevičienė.

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