Secret RF fractional skin rejuvenation for the face area +GIFT Photodynamic therapy for the face

Now only 249€ regular price 399€

The procedure effectively reduces even deep wrinkles and enlarged pores, promotes skin regeneration, strengthens the skin barrier, smoothes and tightens the skin. Due to the unique combination of procedures, obvious results are visible after the first procedure!

Valid until 2023 01 31

WOW! spec. offer - hair removal with our diode laser

Legs + bikini + armpit area only

119 €

Armpit area  42 €

Bikini area (full) 72

Tired of constantly removing unwanted hair? Get rid of hair permanently with a laser hair removal special offer!

As many as four different innovative lasers in the Sokratos clinic provide the opportunity to adapt to each client’s hair type and skin sensitivity, and you can enjoy smooth skin without hair at all!

Limited time offer!

25 €  15min 

39 €  30 min.

Introducing the NEWS at Sokratos Clinic! Electroepilation is the only method on the market that helps to get rid of unwanted hair permanently, irreversibly. No more irritated skin from razors, wax or tweezers!

Get rid of even light hairs effortlessly, which no other laser can do!

Limited time offer!

Hair mesotherapy 3 procedures + GIFT! dermatologist consultation and head diagnosis

115 €  Buying 3 procedures!

The price of one procedure 49 Eur

Have you noticed that your hair has lost its shine, the ends are falling and splitting? Or maybe you want shiny hair, but you don’t know what procedure can help you? The answer is hair mesotherapy! During the procedure, the hair bulbs are saturated with a cocktail of concentrated vitamins, which improves the condition of the hair and fights the aforementioned problems!

Valid until 2023 01 31

Now only  39 €

Full price 60 Eur

Exfoliation is a very pleasant and highly relaxing procedure, during which the calloused skin layer is removed, blood circulation is also stimulated, skin regeneration is activated, and after exfoliation, the skin has better absorption of other tools/products. Wrapping is a natural method that helps to refine body lines, fights cellulite, tightens the skin and helps to saturate the skin with the necessary substances. The duration of the procedure is 60 minutes.


Limited time offer!

Special prices:

3 procedures (3×30 min.) 90€

3 procedures (3×60 min.) 180€

3 procedures (3×90 min.) 270€

3 procedures (3×120 min.) 360€

We have prepared the perfect duo for you to get rid of cellulite. With this complex of procedures, you will be able to tighten your body pleasantly and without any pain! Both procedures effectively tighten and smooth the skin, and are also quick and painless!

Limited time offer!

Therapeutic massage + GIFT Photodynamic therapy

From 35 €

Therapeutic massage of the selected area and a gift – Photodynamic therapy.

Therapeutic massages are an excellent preventive measure against various diseases. Therapeutic massages can be performed not only after diagnosing a specific disease, but only after feeling the first symptoms of certain diseases

Valid until  2023 01 31

specialus pasiūlymas

Family doctor consultations are free of charge for patients registered at the Socrates clinic!

To become a patient of our clinic, you only need to fill out an application at the reception or fill out this application form, sign an e-mail signature and send by e-mail by mail

Valid until 2023 01 31

Teeth whitening "Beyond" system

149 €  Instead of 220 €!

A bright smile is the business card of every person! Even up to 8 tones whiter teeth after just one procedure and results lasting up to 2 years only with the “Beyond” teeth whitening system!

Valid until 2023 01 31


COVID-19 test

Testing for COVID-19 (coronavirus) is being conducted at the Socrates Clinic! Only now at even better prices: COVID-19 PCR test – €59 and certificate in Lithuanian, English or Russian for FREE. The COVID-19 IgG antibody test is now only €19. We perform rapid antigen tests for COVID-19 at a special price – only €17! We carry out Covid-19 tests for COMPANIES in Kaunas county!

Valid until 2023 01 31