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There are a variety of ways and means that can rejuvenate your skin and help it look more beautiful – various creams, massages, cosmetic and surgical procedures. The body’s ability to heal itself is known in medicine, so we can use this property in the same way to rejuvenate the skin. Hair loss, baldness, and hair loss are hair problems that are familiar to both women and men. PRP therapy is an innovative, safe and effective method to stop hair loss, hair loss and regain lush, dense and healthy hair.

Medically proven and justified products

Non - invasive and non - surgical procedure

Reduces wrinkles, stops hair loss, baldness

Quick procedure - everything takes from 30 to 60 minutes

The patient's blood is unlikely to have side effects

After several procedures, the result is visible?

The number of procedures depends on the severity of the problem, but 1-2 procedures are usually recommended. Thereafter, one maintenance procedure per year is sufficient.

The cost of PRP therapy

  • PRP therapy for hair € 235
  • PRP therapy with hyaluron for hair € 350
  • PRP therapy for the face or other area € 235–320
  • PRP therapy with hyaluron for the face or other area € 370–390
  • PRP therapy with thrombin for two zones € 370–390

Regen Lab PRP - Plasma injections for your beauty!

In today’s Lithuanian market, there are many counterfeit illegal PRP system products that pose a danger and risk to patients’ health. Only medically proven and justified products can function properly and perform their assigned function. There are various ways and means by which we can rejuvenate the skin and help it look more beautiful. One of these would be Regen Lab PRP therapy, which promotes regenerative processes in the skin.

How does it work?

During the procedure, platelet concentrate is extracted from the patient’s blood. It is an innovative and advanced treatment method with high efficacy and extremely low probability of rejection. The principle of treatment is based on the natural properties of the platelets themselves – these cells are responsible for wound healing, so when injected into problem areas promotes tissue regeneration.

Due to their effectiveness and safety, injections are widely used not only in gynecology, but also in orthopedics, dermatology and other fields. We use the highest quality, clinically approved preparations and equipment from the Swiss manufacturer Regen Lab for the procedure. The efficacy of therapy with platelet concentrate and Regen Lab products has been confirmed in more than 170 clinical trials. The company’s products are also ISO and CE certified and approved by healthcare authorities in more than 84 countries.

Cellular Matrix, a combination of platelet therapy and hyaluronic acid, is recommended to enhance the outcome of the procedure. Hyaluronic acid is widely used in cosmetics due to its moisturizing properties, good tolerance of the body – this substance is found naturally in the human body and maintains moisture, youthfulness, vitality of the skin and other tissues, is a synovial fluid, reduces friction and does not hurt joints. In case of vaginal dryness, hyaluronic acid helps to restore lost moisture.

What are the benefits of the procedure?

• Eliminates fine facial wrinkles, reduces wrinkle depth and visibility, improves skin condition.
• Stops hair loss, baldness, improves hair condition.
• The patient’s own blood is used, so the body will take it back perfectly. Hyaluronic acid is naturally produced in the body, so the body is not hostile to it.
• Strengthens hair follicles, normalizes the activity of sebaceous glands, improves the condition of the scalp.
• It is a non-invasive procedure that does not require surgery.

What is the procedure?

1. Consultation with a doctor.
2. Blood is taken from a vein. It is then centrifuged to separate the necessary parts of the blood. The resulting material is injected into problem areas, which promotes tissue regeneration.
3. There may be slight pain, redness or swelling, but these sensations usually go away after a few hours.

What is the duration of the procedure?

It all takes 30 to 60 minutes.


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Pacientų atsiliepimai

„Buvau nustebusi rezultatu, nesitikėjau tokio efektyvaus rezultato. Dabar mano oda tokia skaisti, švytinti. Esu dėkinga gydytojai ir klinikai .“

Lina R.

Pacientų atsiliepimai

„Atlikau procedūrą plaukams ir ne vieną kartą. Rezultatu esu labai patenkinta, jau po kelių procedūrų pastebėjau, kad plaukai žymiai mažiau slenka bei pradėjo greičiau augti. Nuoširdžiai ačiū.“

Laura P.

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