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Consultations of a proctologist – when tiring and unpleasant pain in the intestines or perineum can occur at any age, regardless of gender, physical activity or eating habits. However, diseases of the intestines and anus are most common in people who work in a sedentary job or who have a lot of physical exertion, frequent diarrhea or hard stools. When the pain becomes chronic and causing discomfort, it is necessary to consult a doctor – a proctologist without delay.

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What is an anoscopy?

Anoscopy is a study during which a special tube is used to examine the exit channel, i.e. i.e. the last 3-8 centimeters of the rectum. During it, hemorrhoids, fistulas, various formations, tears in the exit canal, polyps or other pathology, oncological diseases are diagnosed.

What is a rectoscopy?

Rectoscopy is an examination of the rectum using a rectoscope, a tube-shaped instrument with an optical system and a light source. This test can be combined with other medical tests, for example, a histological examination. During the rectoscopy examination, detected polyps can be removed, and a biopsy can be taken – a piece of tissue for examination. The procedure is painless, but we always use local anesthesia. After the procedure, you receive a reminder and a basket of tools to take home. Prescriptions for medicines are written for a week. A blood coagulation test must be done before the procedure!

Proctologist consultation prices

  • Consultation of a proctologist (30 min.) 60 €
  • Repeated consultation with a proctologist (recommended after 2-4 weeks) 40 €
  • Doctor proctologist consultation with anoscopy 80 €
  • Repeated consultation with a proctologist with anoscopy 75 €
  • Doctor's proctologist consultation with rectoscopy (30 min.) 105 €

  • Repeated consultation with a proctologist with rectoscopy (30 min.) 85 €
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