Paul is exhausted from mucositis after chemotherapy: I had lost hope of feeling well

Mucositis (inflammation of the oral mucosa) is one of the most common side effects after chemotherapy and radiation. Inflammation of the oral mucosa can significantly worsen the patient’s quality of life – sores in the mouth cause pain and make it difficult to eat. Intense mucositis can even prolong the duration of the treatment itself, as the severity of the condition leads to a reduction in chemotherapy doses and an increase in the number of procedures. Paulius, who lives in Kaunas, is one of thousands of people who developed mucositis after chemotherapy treatment. This annoying condition bothered the man for several weeks.

Thought it would never end

“Anyone who has been through a course of chemotherapy knows that feeling bad eventually becomes the new reality. Every day you live with the idea that it is temporary, but the problems do not end even after the treatment is finished. This is the strangest surprise for someone who has contracted an oncological disease for the first time, because a person does not get the relief they have been waiting for for many months,” says Paulius about his experience with mucositis.

Paulius says that recovery from oncological disease is a particularly slow process, but the side effects make it even more difficult. “I’ve come back to health more slowly than I could have believed, and some of the changes in how I feel will last a lifetime – I’ve come to terms with that.” Numbness in the limbs is still bothersome, insomnia has started, I get tired more quickly and I am no longer able to maintain the same level of physical activity as before. Things like that don’t make me happy, but at least I don’t live in daily pain and weakness. Mucositis was an unpleasant surprise for me, I had never experienced inflammation of the oral mucosa before and I spent a lot of money until I found an effective preparation,” says the man.

mukozito ligos

Natural treatments did not work

An increased incidence of mucositis has been observed in patients receiving chemotherapy with 5-fluorouracil (5-FU) and melphalan. The incidence of mucositis in oncology patients receiving standard dose chemotherapy is 40-60%. This disease is not always diagnosed in the early phase, because the first symptoms do not seem worthy of attention to patients. Early diagnosis makes treatment faster and more effective.

Delighted to discover Mucosamin

After visiting the pharmacy, the man heard a recommendation to try the Italian product Mucosamin. The man says he is glad he asked the pharmacist’s advice and claims that these remedies helped him forget about mucositis much faster than anything he had tried before. “I felt the relief the same day, I was surprised by how quickly it worked. Due to the increased level of moisture in the mouth, it became easier even to eat,” recalls Paulius with a smile.

The main components of Mucosamin are hyaluronic acid and amino acids. Hyaluronic acid promotes tissue repair, while amino acids promote collagen production in the skin. Collagen is one of the most important components in our skin. This substance is responsible for regeneration, elasticity and cell strength. The amino acids contained in Mucosamin promote wound healing and the formation of the extracellular matrix. Means enriched with these substances create a protective layer of the mucous membrane, in this way the oral cavity is moistened and soothed, the burning sensation decreases.

Mucosamin products are used not only for the treatment of mucositis, but also for prevention, in which case the use is started a week before the first chemotherapy or radiotherapy procedure. You can buy this product at Apotheka pharmacies located in major Lithuanian cities, as well as physical Universiteo pharmacies in Vilnius and Smėlynės pharmacy in Panevėžys.

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