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Consultations of an orthopedist-traumatologist: joint pain is a problem that affects many and thus reduces the joy of life and various physical possibilities. Even worse, few people know how to fight joint pain and start living a fulfilling life again. The causes of joint pain can be various: inflammation of the joints (for example, arthritis), inflammation of the tendons, as well as infections, which are often accompanied by swelling of the joint, a feeling of heat in the joint area, etc. Since joint pain is an extremely unpleasant sensation that interferes with daily activities, the joints must be treated, especially because on a cold, rainy day, the pain always increases and reduces the patient’s activity.

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So that joint pain does not prevent you from feeling well, we recommend visiting the Socrates clinic, which is licensed by the State Accreditation of Health Care Activities.

Here, the treatment of joint pain is carried out by a qualified orthopedist, who provides all the necessary consultations and answers all the questions that interest you. In the Socrates clinic, joint treatment is carried out in three ways:

• joint injections/pain treatment with hyaluron;

• treatment with platelet concentrate;

• treatment with both platelet concentrate and hyaluron (clinical studies show that complex treatment is the most effective). Which treatment method is best for you will be decided by your doctor after diagnosing the disease.

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