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An unpleasant pain in the perineum or intestines can frighten many. When you feel the first signs of illness, it has become common to look for information on the Internet. Fearing the mythical procedure, instead of visiting a doctor, we start self-medicating. However, in order to avoid self-medication and prolonged unpleasant sensations, we invite you to entrust your health to a doctor at the Sokrato clinic – a proctologist!

The most common diseases are hemorrhoids (swollen blood vessels of the anus canal), fiscules, various formations, rupture of the exit canal, polyps or other pathology and oncological diseases. Diseases that reduce the quality of life can occur for a variety of reasons, from genetics, smoking, sitting on the toilet for too long, to a sexually transmitted virus. When the reasons are many and varied, it is important to find them out and start treatment in time.

Doctor – proctologist Miglė Kybransienė answered the most frequently asked questions of patients and assures that thanks to innovative technologies, anal diseases that cause discomfort, such as hemorrhoids, can really be overcome.

What factors influence the occurrence of hemorrhoids and other diseases of the anus?

The main causes of hemorrhoids, as well as other diseases, are frequent diarrhea or hard stools, overweight, sitting on the toilet for a long time, sedentary work, constant and heavy physical exertion, various genetic transpositions, however, the exact causes of occurrence are not clearly known, because it is a complex thing. When do these diseases become a problem?

These diseases become a problem when it starts to bother and annoy a person. As an example, a disease such as anal fissure is very painful, so often when a person feels severe pain in the perineum and notices blood in the feces or on the toilet paper, they get scared and turn to a proctologist. What are the preventive measures against these diseases?

The main preventive measures that help prevent these diseases are a healthy diet, active leisure time, sports, and it is also especially important to avoid sitting on the toilet for a long time.

proktologe Migle Kybransiene

Laser treatment of hemorrhoids

We can thank innovative technologies, because now the treatment of hemorrhoids is much simpler! Laser treatment of hemorrhoids is a quick and simple procedure, and after it is performed, a person can continue to live a normal life without difficulty, as there is no rehabilitation period required.

What problems can untreated hemorrhoids cause?

It is usually associated with discomfort and pain, but if hemorrhoids worsen, become inflamed, or bleed irregularly after defecation, over time a person may develop anemia (anemia).

What are the benefits of laser treatment for hemorrhoids?

A minimally invasive and painless procedure, the result is noticeable and felt immediately, the procedure is performed quickly, and the person does not need rehabilitation.

Can laser treatment for hemorrhoids be performed on all patients?

There are no general contraindications for the laser procedure, but one of the reasons why the laser procedure is not possible is the degree of hemorrhoids. If the hemorrhoid is very large (grade 4), the laser is not so effective and in this case, surgery to remove the hemorrhoid is required.

How many procedures are required?

The number of procedures required is individual and depends on the level of hemorrhoids, but usually one procedure is enough. How long does it take to heal? Healing can take from 1 to 1.5 months.

How to prepare patients before laser hemorrhoid removal procedure?

Do the enema only with a micro enema, drink plenty of fluids and eat easily digestible food. It is important to mention that you do not need to starve your body with diets before the procedure. A frequent patient does not know this.

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