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We can thank innovative technologies, because now the treatment of hemorrhoids is much simpler! Hemorrhoid laser treatment is a painless, quick and simple procedure, and after it is performed, a person can continue to live a normal life without difficulty, as no rehabilitation period is required.

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How do hemorrhoids occur?

The main causes of hemorrhoids are diarrhea, hard stools, frequent diarrhea, sitting on the toilet for a long time, sedentary work, constant and heavy physical exertion or work, various genetic transpositions, but still, the exact causes of hemorrhoids are not clearly known, but it is a complex matter. .

What are the levels of hemorrhoids?

Grade I hemorrhoids:

A disease that you cannot see yourself. It is only visible with a proctoscope (an instrument inserted into the rectum) and, apart from occasional light bleeding, causes no other symptoms. Grade II hemorrhoids:

It may fall out stiffly, but then immediately snaps back into place. Grade II hemorrhoids cause typical symptoms such as burning, bleeding. Grade III hemorrhoids: It falls out not only when defecating, but also when working harder, coughing, causing pain and discomfort. Such hemorrhoids do not come back, but they need to be returned (pushed in) by hand. In the presence of large hemorrhoids, a small amount of mucus is released, which irritates the skin of the perineum and causes itching. Grade IV hemorrhoids: Hemorrhoidal nodes are constantly falling out of the exit opening and cause itching, burning and pain; remains of intestinal contents are observed. For nodes of the IV degree, drug treatment is no longer suitable, a procedure for removing hemorrhoidal nodes must be performed.

Learn more about the laser hemorrhoid removal procedure

It is usually associated with discomfort and pain, but if hemorrhoids worsen, become inflamed, or bleed irregularly after defecation, over time a person may develop anemia (anemia).

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A minimally invasive and painless procedure, the result is noticeable and felt immediately, the procedure is performed quickly, and the person does not need rehabilitation.

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There are no general contraindications for the laser procedure, but one of the reasons why the laser procedure is not possible is the degree of hemorrhoids. If the hemorrhoid is very large (grade 4), the laser is not so effective and in this case, surgery to remove the hemorrhoid is required.

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The number of procedures required is individual and depends on the level of hemorrhoids, but usually one procedure is enough.

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Healing can take from 1 - 1.5 months.

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Do an enema with a micro enema, drink plenty of fluids and eat easily digestible food. It is important to mention that you do not need to starve your body with diets before the procedure. A frequent patient does not know this.

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