Intravenous therapy

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Clinical studies have proven that the dropper method is very safe and reliable. It has been proven that the vitamins and minerals that the body lacks are obtained faster and more efficiently through drips, and the materials used in the procedure are safe and tested. Intravenous therapy infusions provided at Socrates Clinic can dramatically improve health. We offer drops for patients with various chronic diseases, migraine, muscle pain and radiculitis treatment, intensive sports and professional athletes, stress reduction, dieters and those who want to have beautiful and healthy skin.

How are intravenous therapies chosen?

Intravenous therapies are selected during a consultation with a doctor. Only after a thorough examination by your doctor will you be able to enjoy the benefits of intravenous therapy. It is possible to perform additional blood tests and create a treatment plan. During the first visit, experienced specialists will help you choose the most suitable intravenous therapy.

Is intravenous therapy safe?

We ensure that Sokrato Clinica is staffed by licensed, highly qualified and experienced medical staff who adhere to safety requirements and all strict intravenous therapy protocols.

How long does the effect of intravenous therapy last?

The positive effect of intravenous therapy is felt already during therapy. The full effect can be felt within 24 hours, which lasts up to 1 month.

The duration of the dropper effect depends on the individual characteristics of the body.

Intravenous therapy

The dropper is intended for people with various chronic diseases.

  The dropper is intended for patients with various chronic therapeutic diseases, which cause fluid-electrolyte imbalance, lack of nutrients, microelements, and vitamins. For example, Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis, celiac disease, kidney failure, bronchial asthma. Drops are also suitable for people with various oncological diseases – they improve the condition and well-being after chemotherapy or radiation treatment.

Drops for strengthening immunity “3 kings”

Drops are intended to strengthen immunity in the autumn, winter or spring periods, when immunity has weakened after illness, injury or treatment, and to prophylactically strengthen immunity to avoid various acute and viral diseases. Drops are characterized by extremely strong immunity enhancement. Not only that, these vitamins also strengthen bones, nails, hair and skin, participate in the prevention of heart diseases and infections, have an anti-cancer effect, regulate insulin production and stimulate collagen production. The effect is felt immediately after the procedure.

Drops for the treatment of migraine, muscle pain and radiculitis

Severe headaches or muscle pains can interfere with a person’s daily activities. These drops reduce migraine headaches, nausea, improve cerebral blood flow, suppress inflammatory processes.

Drops for intensive sportsmen and professional athletes

Drops for athletes correct the water-electrolyte imbalance, reduce muscle and bone pain, and promote efficient energy consumption. Intravenous therapy helps athletes recover faster after a hard workout or competition by restoring lost strength.

A dropper for stress reduction

Chronic stress can cause physical and emotional exhaustion of the body, i.e. i.e. increased emotional instability, depression and anxiety. This intravenous therapy can be used for those taking final exams, entrance exams or various other stressful situations. Intravenous infusion calms the body, improves mood, reduces irritability and other signs of stress.

Dropper for dieters

Following a strict diet, the body does not always get all the necessary substances. This intravenous therapy is suitable for non-meat vegetarians, vegans, those who are starving or after long-term fasting, who have lost a lot of weight, and who are malnourished. The dropper provides necessary and difficult to obtain substances from food and balances the amount of substances needed by the body.

Dropper for beautiful and healthy skin

This dropper is an effective way to stimulate regenerative processes in the skin, collagen synthesis. This reduces wrinkles, tightens and rejuvenates the skin. Drops also help relieve skin redness (eg rosacea, eczema) or other chronic skin conditions. Intravenous therapy reduces signs of aging, brightens gray and discolored skin. Bacon for beautiful and healthy skin removes toxins from the body, revives and rejuvenates the appearance.

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