Inspiring story: How Brigita fought acne

To show that acne is not a disease to live with, but a skin condition that can be overcome, in May this year we launched a contest inviting you to tell your problem skin story, send your photos and win an acne treatment course. During the competition, we received a lot of interest from you, which only shows that people are bothered by skin rashes, which are difficult to deal with on their own. Our task is to help you overcome this skin condition and regain your self-confidence!

Patient Brigitta's story

One of the winners of the competition, patient Brigita, is already happy with the intermediate results of her healing skin. The girl shared her experience of what it means to live with acne: “I have struggled with skin rashes since I was a teenager, with the onset of puberty. At that time, “ugly” acne began to appear – large, red, sometimes pus, deep and painful. Fighting this skin problem was extremely difficult because at the time no one cared too much about my skin. Relatives assured that the skin rashes will pass – it is not a big problem.

But I felt very bad, especially during my teenage years. I didn’t even have makeup to cover up my skin rashes. I had to be bullied, my peers were reluctant to communicate with me.”

sokrato klinika aknes gydymas

"I had to be bullied, my peers were reluctant to communicate with me."

The patient admitted that performances at events and stages have become a real challenge. This is an environment that attracts a lot of attention: “I am a musical person, so I often had to participate in various public events. I felt a lot of self-doubt and fear, thinking in my mind – “How bad I look… What do people think?” After all, that’s why I’m a person on stage, everyone looks at me…” There was a time when I felt ugly about myself, and everyone around me was beautiful… Over time, I started taking care of my skin myself: I took vitamins, used various skin products acne care products and changed my eating habits. But even at the age of 22, I was still struggling with this skin problem.”

First visit to the dermatologist

Brigita is happy with the first results: “The condition of my skin improved significantly after a visit to dermatovenerologist Gintarė Linkevičiūtė. At the beginning of the treatment, the necessary blood tests were performed, the appropriate drugs were prescribed and it was explained how to take care of the facial skin during the treatment period. All “ugly” pimples began to simply disappear in the eyes. During the course of the treatment, I felt the dryness of the skin, but at the same time, I also saw a clear decrease in skin rashes.”

"The most important thing is that I'm not afraid to appear without makeup!" It was my dream."

Now I consider my skin condition to be quite good – skin rashes are no longer bothering me, I don’t have acne. There are only remaining pigment spots and uneven complexion. The dermatologist also prescribed a course of treatment procedures to remove pigment spots and selected care products suitable for my skin. The most important thing is that I’m not afraid to appear without makeup! It was my dream. I don’t think I would have gotten over my acne without a doctor’s help.

sokrato klinika aknes gydymas Gintare Linkeviciute

This sensitive and open story of Brigitta only shows how strong feelings can be caused by skin problems that have arisen and are not properly treated. We want to drive away your negative thoughts and extend a strong helping hand in the fight against skin rashes!

If you also suffer from acne – don’t hesitate to contact dermatovenereologists Gintarė Linkevičiūtė, Renata Kliunkienė, Eglė Zinkevičienė and Grinvydas Butrimas at Sokrato Clinic!

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