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Challenging yourself is a popular New Year’s tradition. People often promise to start exercising, spend more time for themselves, and change their lifestyle from January, but after the holidays, these good wishes are quickly forgotten when they return to their daily routine. It is not uncommon to lack time or willpower to achieve these goals, but the support of relatives and friends is also important. If you remember a specific person after reading these words, this year you can help him or her to achieve his or her goals by giving him or her a Sokrato clinica gift certificate with the chosen procedure. After trying it once and seeing the benefits, your loved ones may feel inspired to use the wellness services regularly. The question arises, what procedure to choose for a woman, man or couple? Here are some suggestions:

Procedures worth trying for women:

What woman doesn’t want to forget what it means to regularly waste time waxing? Now you can give this opportunity to any of your friends by gifting her with a laser hair removal treatment. Laser hair removal is a painless, safe and extremely effective procedure – a small part of the hair grows back after it, the procedure rarely needs to be repeated.

This saves time and money in the long run, so laser hair removal is definitely worth a try for anyone looking to get rid of unwanted body hair for a long time. Hair removal is performed using modern, top-quality equipment. Many women face a wide variety of gynecological problems, but are shy to talk about them or hope to keep putting off the necessary treatment. Show your concern for the health of the woman you love by encouraging her to try a modern gynecological procedure: it can be PRP therapy for the treatment of vaginal dryness or urinary incontinence, or solving other problems with the use of laser, bioidentical hormones and many other methods.

A gift voucher for a facial treatment is always a good choice. You can choose from a pigmentation treatment, multiple facials, micropigmentation, non-invasive wrinkle removal or skin lifting, and many more. All procedures are performed using the highest quality products, which will improve the overall condition of the skin and help solve specific problems. By giving such a coupon to a woman, you will give her the opportunity to rejuvenate quickly and effectively, and firm and beautiful skin and reduced wrinkles will give you additional self-confidence. A free facial procedure will help a woman get rid of complexes and feel more beautiful than ever before.

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The best gift is quality rest

You will never go wrong when you decide to give your loved one a massage. A professionally performed massage will not only help you relax, but will bring real benefits to the body: for example, a therapeutic massage will help fight back pain, and those who spend active leisure time will undoubtedly be happy to try a sports myofascial massage. Massages are a great way to activate blood circulation, the activity of the lymphatic system, tighten the skin, relieve muscle pain, and get rid of tension.

Special massages can also be enjoyed by pregnant women, so don’t forget them too – a massage for a pregnant woman will help prepare the body for childbirth. There are many types and purposes of massage, which is what makes it such a versatile gift – everyone will find the right choice for them. Relaxation does not have to be limited to a massage – you can create a whole spa ritual. This is a special experience for two people, during which one of the three programs is enjoyed: “Amber Road”, “Aromatherapy” or “Chocolate for two”. “Amber path” is a great choice for those who want to enjoy smooth skin, because first an amber peeling is performed, and then you can completely relax while experiencing a classic massage of the whole body. “Aromatherapy” is also worth paying attention to – relaxing procedures during which you will be accompanied by divinely smelling essential oils. The “aromatherapy” ritual consists of three stages: a lower temperature infrared sauna, a full body scrub and a relaxing aromatherapy massage. Dessert fans may be interested in Chocolate for Two, a ritual whose first two stages also include a lower-temperature infrared sauna and a full-body scrub, but the ritual is crowned with a chocolate full-body massage. Chocolate intensively moisturizes and tones the skin, acts on the central nervous system as an antidepressant, and lifts the mood. Any of the three rituals will provide pleasant experiences and a few hours of peace.

Procedures worth trying for men:

Men who play sports and actively spend their free time will definitely be happy with the opportunity to relax in quality. Sokrato clinic offers several procedures to relieve pain and reduce the tension experienced by the body – you can choose from therapeutic massages, PRP therapy or hyaluronic injections for aching joints, pain treatment with radio frequency and much more.

Take advantage of the opportunity to restore the freedom of unrestricted, pleasurable movement to your loved one. Everyday life will become much more joyful when every movement is not accompanied by nagging pain. Many men face a wide variety of urological problems or sexual disorders, but are too shy to talk about it or hope to keep putting off the necessary treatment. Show your concern for the health of the man you love by encouraging him to try a modern urological procedure: it can be PRP therapy for the treatment of Peyronie’s disease or erectile dysfunction. PRP therapy is a modern, natural and completely safe way to solve various health problems. Platelet-enriched plasma accelerates blood circulation, tissue regeneration, and combined with hyaluronic acid provides moisture to the treated areas. Older men are often complex due to inevitable hair loss. Give your dad, brother, loved one or friend back their confidence and a more youthful appearance with a voucher for a hair treatment. PRP therapy helps to solve the problem of hair loss – platelet-enriched plasma injected into the scalp strengthens the hair bulbs and improves the condition of the hair. Mesotherapy is also worth considering. This is a procedure during which a cocktail of active substances is injected into the scalp – the hair is supplied with nutrients and vitamins, the microcirculation of the scalp improves, and the production of new hair is stimulated.

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