Hair loss – causes and treatments

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Hair loss is a natural process that allows hair to regenerate. It is completely normal to lose an average of 40 to 150 hairs per day. The problem arises when hair starts to fall out in larger quantities or more often. There are many different factors that undoubtedly affect the condition and longevity of hair, which is why it can be so difficult to trace and determine the exact causes of increased hair loss. It is important to pay attention to the fact that precisely because of the multi-layered and complex nature of this problem, you should avoid self-treatment and do not choose treatment on your own – without sufficient knowledge in the field of hair care, it is very easy to make a mistake and buy ineffective, inappropriate products.

What are the most common causes of hair loss?

The most common causes of hair loss are: heredity, natural physiological changes after childbirth, change of seasons, lack of sleep or poor nutrition. When solving this problem, it is important to know the side effects that can be caused by the medications used and to pay attention to diseases such as diabetes, hepatitis B and C and various other diseases. Another factor determining the increasingly intensified hair loss is psychological stress and overwork. It is worth remembering that receding hair not only changes a person’s appearance, but can also warn of serious problems not related to aesthetics. Other, less common causes of hair loss include fungal infections, acid or alkali burns, infectious skin diseases, as well as hair structure abnormalities or even trichotillomania, a morbid urge to pick at one’s own hair. In addition to the circumstances listed above, it is also worth paying attention to your daily hairstyle – strong ponytails and tightly braided braids are harmful to the hair, and the scalp experiences tension when wearing these hairstyles.

Finally, it is important not to abuse hair styling products, avoid frequent curling or straightening with hot scissors, and drying. Hair loss treatment depends on the cause of hair loss and must be carefully selected at the discretion of a specialist. The most commonly used treatments are PRP procedure, mesotherapy and hair transplant.


Another popular and effective procedure is mesotherapy. During it, unique cocktails of active substances are used, which actively fight against hair loss by improving microcirculation of the scalp, supplying hair follicles with nutrients and the necessary vitamins. In this way, weak and dead hair is restored and its production is stimulated. Each cocktail used during mesotherapy differs in its composition, it is adjusted according to the individual needs of the patient.

PRP therapy

The active substance of the PRP procedure is platelets, blood cells that promote the healing and cell renewal processes. The patient’s own platelets are used, thereby increasing the effectiveness of the procedure and ensuring optimal absorption of active substances. During the PRP procedure, collagen production is stimulated, cells are activated and rejuvenated. This treatment method is painless, features natural active ingredients, and the results are quickly noticeable and long-lasting.

Hair transplant

Another advanced, globally recognized procedure is hair transplantation. It is popular because it guarantees a natural-looking and lifelong result – the transplanted hair does not fall out anymore. This procedure can be performed in several ways – with the help of follicular unit extractions or implants. In both cases, the transplant is similar, the only difference is the method that the dermatologist chooses for the patient. The procedure lasts several hours, but does not cause severe discomfort – local anesthesia is used during it.

In order to properly take care of receding hair, it is worth entrusting the solution to this problem to specialists, who will be able not only to choose the most suitable treatment method, but, if necessary, to combine procedures with each other or combine them with medical treatment. When faced with this problem, it is important not to expect a quick and easy fix – real, lasting results will undoubtedly require a longer period of consistent treatment or follow-up.

Taking into account the needs and feedback expressed by our clients, at the Sokratos Clinic we offer PRP therapy, mesotherapy and hair transplant procedures for anyone facing hair loss. The procedures are performed by experienced, highly qualified specialists, dermatovenerologist doctors: Renata Kliunkienė, Grinvydas Butrimas, Gintarė Linkevičiūtė, Eglė Zinkevičienė.


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