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Wherever you go or whoever you meet, your hair makes a big impression on others. A new hair style, bangs or a completely new hair color – this is the first thing that people around you notice. Regularly entrusting your hair to the professionals at the salon ensures that your hair color and style will always remain amazing. For this reason, it is very important to visit a hairstylist regularly to ensure that the impression you make on others is indelible.

At the Socrates clinic, your hair will be taken care of by experienced specialists in their field, who will carefully listen to all wishes and wishes, and help you choose the most suitable image for you.

A hairstylist will advise on the most perfect hairstyle, color and style for your face, based on your expectations and suitability for your lifestyle. The clinic offers women’s modeling, men’s and children’s haircuts, as well as bangs. Dyeing of hair roots, dyeing of hair in one or more colors and dyeing with strands is performed. Hair coloring in ombre, sombre, balayage and flamboyage is also performed. The hair stylists working at the Socrates clinic can turn the client’s vision into reality. By following the latest trends in hair styles, you will create the most perfect image, specially adapted for the client.

Professional stylists, after analyzing his needs, face shape, hair type and skin color, will design the most suitable hairstyle that will highlight the client’s natural features. For those who visit the clinic, we guarantee professional, pleasant and warm service and an excellent service result. The goal of our hair stylists is to give the client a look that will make them happy and give them confidence.

* The price includes head washing and blow-drying.

* The price depends on the amount of paint and tools used.

Hair cutting and dyeing prices

  • Hair restoration procedure 30 €
  • Female haircut (model) 30 €
  • Male haircut 25 €
  • Children's haircut 15 €
  • Cutting the ends of the hair 20 €
  • Bangs 10 €
  • Root coloring 45 €
  • Painting in one color 90 €
  • Painting in two or more colors 120 €
  • Dyeing with strands 120 €
  • Dyeing Ombre / Sombre / Balayage / Flamboyage 160 €

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