Gynecological procedures for pregnant women

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Gynecological procedures and tests for pregnant women are performed at the Socrates clinic. Ultrasound diagnoses early pregnancy, assesses the cervix, and performs ultrasound of the fetus. Experienced obstetrician-gynecologists also provide pregnancy care, which includes all necessary tests, education and counseling, and supports the good health of the future mother and fetus throughout pregnancy. The pregnancy program at Sokratos Clinic is based on the description of the health care procedure for pregnant women, mothers and newborns valid in Lithuania.

Piktograma „Patvirtinta bendruomenės“

Gynecological procedures for pregnant women

  • Obstetrician gynecologist consultation 60 €
  • Repeated consultation of an obstetrician-gynecologist 40 €
  • Commenting on the results of gynecological examinations, prescribing treatment 40 €
  • Early diagnosis of pregnancy by ultrasound 80 €
  • Ultrasound evaluation of the cervix during pregnancy 40 €
  • Fetal ultrasound 70 €

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