Get rid of pigment spots with Nunii’s innovative pigmentation treatment system

In the summer, it’s nice to indulge in sunbathing, but it rewards the body not only with a brown tan, but also with pigment spots. The tan gradually fades, but the spots can “please” for a lifetime. These spots are formed when melanin production is activated in the skin cells due to open sun (ultraviolet) rays.

When can age spots become a problem?

Everyone has congenital spots (moles) on their skin, so every brown dot on the body does not pose a health threat, but dermatologists urge you to pay attention to any changes that occur on the surface of the skin. It is recommended to be concerned if you notice new spots on your body that have unclear borders, uneven color, and are larger than 5 mm. diameter – if you are worried about strange skin formations, it is always a good idea to consult a specialist. A timely examination by a dermatologist can protect against various diseases and their progression. Spots that appear suddenly not only tell a lot about the condition of the skin itself, but can also warn about some internal organs, e.g. liver, functional disorders.

Mostly it remains a matter of aesthetics

A large part of pigmentation spots do not pose a threat to human health, so their removal often remains a matter of aesthetics – does the person himself like his freckles, moles, etc. i.e. After making the decision to eradicate these spots, you need to choose the most suitable method: destruction with laser, acids or other means. Sokrato Clinica offers an opportunity to try the unique pigmentation treatment system “Nunii UNIQ-WHITE®”, the effectiveness of which has been confirmed by clinical studies. This system was developed in a French biomedical research laboratory to develop a treatment that could meet the desires and needs of each individual’s skin.

nunii sistema

Nunii UNIQ-WHITE® system:

•   helps overcome hyperpigmentation, pigment spots;

•   treats bright, dark pigment spots (melasma); Whitens freckles and post-inflammatory skin pigmentation;

evens out skin tone, improves the aesthetic appearance of the skin;

•   the procedure strengthens, tightens, brightens the skin, reduces redness.

How does the Nunii UNIQ-WHITE® system work?

Treatment with this system can be performed on people of all ages who seek to overcome hyperpigmentation. The procedure is not recommended for damaged and infected skin, pregnant and breastfeeding women. Nunii Laboratoire only uses filtered ingredients in powder form to ensure their quality.

Products prescribed only by doctors have the exact composition of active substances, they do not contain preservatives or irritating ingredients. The skin is prepared for the procedure by exfoliating dead cells, then a product that affects hyperpigmentation and whitens dark spots is massaged into the face and neck. The 30-minute procedure is performed at the Sokratos clinic by Gintarė Linkevičiūtė, an experienced dermatovenerologist. Read more about pigmentation treatment with the Nunii system here.

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