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Want to make sure you’re healthy? One of the ways to do this is an ultrasound examination. Echoscopy (or ultrasound examination) – the examination of various organs with ultrasound waves in order to determine the condition of the examined tissues, to confirm or deny the diagnosis. An ultrasound examination is a painless and simple way to check your health. At Socrates Clinic, ultrasound examinations are performed with the advanced Q40 ultrasound machine, which generates ultrasound waves that reflect off the tissues and return to the ultrasound transducer, where electrical impulses create an image on the screen. In this way, the doctor evaluates the image and receives detailed information about your state of health.

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Who are ultrasound examinations suitable for?

Echoscopy can be performed for anyone who seeks to find out the exact diagnosis of the disease or simply for a preventive check-up. There are no age or gender restrictions.

Who are ultrasound examinations not suitable for

? Ultrasound examinations are available for everyone, but they are not usually used to examine the condition of the lungs, stomach, intestines or bones (ultrasound does not travel well through air and bones are too hard). X-ray or magnetic resonance imaging is used to diagnose pathologies of these organs.

Prices of ultrasound examinations

  • Complete ultrasound examination for women (thyroid, breast, liver, pancreas, gall bladder, spleen, kidney, bladder) 90 €
  • Complete ultrasound examination for men (thyroid, liver, pancreas, gall bladder, spleen, kidney, bladder, prostate) 90 €

What are the benefits of ultrasound examinations?

Echoscopy is a fast, harmless and non-invasive method to examine a person’s health. This test allows evaluation of soft tissues, organs, blood vessels, etc. condition, notice unusual tissue changes, diagnose diseases. Thus, ultrasound is a valuable and comprehensive diagnostic tool.

During an ultrasound examination, cystic, cancerous or other formations can be seen, often even before a person feels the symptoms of the disease. As a result, echoscopy is an excellent prevention of cancer or other diseases – doctors recommend an ultrasound examination not only when a disease is suspected, but also as a preventive measure, and people over 40 years of age are offered this examination once a year.

Ultrasound examination shows whether there are no anatomical changes in the organs. Blood and/or urine tests should be performed to assess organ function. What is the procedure?

1. Consultation with an echoscopist-radiologist.

2. A special gel is applied to the examined area, which increases the permeability of the skin to ultrasound.

3. The doctor guides the ultrasound probe around the examined area, observing and analyzing the visible image on the device screen. During ultrasound of the uterus, the probe is inserted into the vagina, and the probe into the anus of the prostate.

4. Discussion of results, presentation of recommendations.

How to prepare for examinations?

•  Preparation for ultrasound of the abdominal organs: about 4-5 hours. should refrain from eating and drinking liquids. In the evening before the test, avoid foods that cause bloating. The bladder must be full.

•  Preparation for uropoietic (kidneys, bladder) and genital ultrasound: the bladder must be full before the examination.

• No preparation is required for echoscopy of the thyroid gland, breasts, blood vessels, and lymph nodes.

Julija Stirbienė

Julija Stirbienė

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„Puiki klinika, puikūs, mandagūs gydytojai. Lankiausi pas gydytoją echoskopiai apžiūrai skydliaukės ir krūtinės, tikrai 100% žinanti savo darbą gydytoją. Buvo atliktas ne tik echoskopinis tyrimas, tačiau gavau puikių pasiūlymų ir patarimų ką reikėtų pakeisti ir padaryti. Likau tikrai sužavėta ir būtinai grįšiu pas Jus! Nors ir atvykau iš kitos miesto buvo verta! “

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