Feeling helpless against acne? – selected participants of the acne competition come for the first visits. Part 1

To show that acne is not a disease to live with, but a skin condition that can be overcome. In May of this year, we announced a competition in which we invited you to tell the story of your problem skin and send your photos.Piktograma „Patvirtinta bendruomenės“

We received your interest and selected the participants of the competition.

We strive to show that all types of skin rashes are manageable, and we will keep our readers updated on how the contestants’ skin is progressing and improving! Three winners have been selected who suffer from teenage and adult skin rashes on the face, back, arms and chest areas.

Every participant has been bothered by skin rashes for a long time – as patient Brigita says – “I don’t remember when I didn’t have acne.” We can only guess how difficult it is to live everyday life, when a person does not trust himself and his strength, is dissatisfied with the slightest imperfections in his appearance.

Admittedly, we have a giant critic living inside us who turns the smallest thing into a problem. Dr. working at the Socrates Clinic. dermatovenerologist Gintarė Linkevičiūtė will try to curb the intrusive inner critic and help you rediscover self-confidence!

jautiesi bejėgis prieš akne

The winners of the competition came for their first visits In July, we invited the competition winners for their first visits to doctor Gintarė Linkevičiūtė. In the faces of each patient, we could see not only joy, but also anxious eyes. No wonder – the first step towards healthy and smooth skin is being taken! The doctor, who examined the problem skin areas of the contest winners and talked about their lifestyle, diet and active leisure time, said that the skin condition of each patient is quite severe.

This is due to poor eating habits, use of inappropriate or poorly formulated skin care products, hormonal imbalances and stress. In order for the treatment to be effective and targeted, the patients first underwent detailed blood tests. Often, the body lacks certain trace elements, due to which the skin is no longer able to fight bacteria. For this reason, various skin rashes begin to appear, so blood tests are the first important step in overcoming skin problems.

We, the Socrates clinic, often emphasize that we try not to eliminate the problem, but to find out why it appeared and to treat that reason, so our clinic also conducts detailed laboratory blood tests – all in one place, for your maximum convenience!

Piktograma „Patvirtinta bendruomenės“

We can’t wait to see the results of the treatment, and now we have to wait for the results of the patients’ blood tests and the next meeting with Dr. Gintare Linkevičiūte!

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