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Non-invasive facial wrinkle removal with Juliette Armand Skin Boosters. pHformula procedures for pigmented, couperose and acne-damaged skin. TTV Lift Peel facial rejuvenation procedure and Nunii pigmented facial treatment.

Who is this procedure suitable for?

It is recommended for smoothing facial expressions and small facial skin wrinkles, reducing the effects of photoaging, relaxing the skin and treating hyperpigmentation. The importance of peptides for facial skin Peptides are the basis of the skin, which is responsible for the skin’s texture, healthy appearance and resistance to external environmental factors. Without peptides, our skin becomes more vulnerable, which can lead to loss of firmness, possible appearance of wrinkles and changes in skin texture. Dry facial skin usually occurs in cold seasons, when the humidity level in the environment is extremely low.

Cold, dry air evaporates the water in the skin, resulting in dryness, tightness and flaking of the skin. By choosing the right facial treatment, these problems can be solved or avoided altogether.

The Apocalypsis treatment is an alternative to chemical skin peeling. Chemical skin peeling (peeling) is a dermatological procedure - the dead cells of the upper skin layer are gradually removed using chemicals. The effect of the Apocalyspis procedure is equivalent to a moderate chemical peel. Active substances that promote cell renewal are used to regenerate the skin.

Piktograma „Patvirtinta bendruomenės“

Thavma is an anti-wrinkle alternative to botulinum toxin injections. This procedure is based on technology that stops the physiological processes of the formation of expression lines and wrinkles and protects the skin from biological and sun-induced skin aging.

Piktograma „Patvirtinta bendruomenės“

"Chronos" is a cosmetic procedure that stops the aging process in skin cells. It is a protective barrier against the three main causes of skin aging - water loss, environmental damage from oxidative stress and biological skin aging processes. Chronos 4D technology uses 4 main systems - skin exfoliation, hydration, anti-aging and antioxidant system. During the procedure, dead cells are removed, the skin's water reserves are replenished, the production of collagen and elastin is stimulated, and the activity of fibroblasts is increased.

Piktograma „Patvirtinta bendruomenės“

The unique combination of active substances pHformula A.C. in solutions specially designed to eliminate the main signs of acne - comedones, papules and pustules.

In the treatment program, depending on the condition of the patient's skin, different preparations can be combined. It is not necessary to wash the face after pHformula procedures, because the healing substances are neutralized. Indications:

- Seborrhea

- Hyperkeratinization

- Microbial colonization (P acnes)

- Inflammation of the skin

"Opsis" is an alternative to eyelid plastic surgery (blepharoplasty). This is a non-surgical procedure for the skin of the eye area - it reduces "crow's feet" wrinkles in the corners of the eyes, eliminates dark circles under the eyes, brightens the darkened skin under the eyes, reduces swelling, and tightens the sagging skin of the eyelids. The procedure is based on the advanced ANTITOX technology developed in the Juliette Armand cosmetology laboratories. During the procedure, the skin is saturated with active substances with strong antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-aging effects.

Piktograma „Patvirtinta bendruomenės“

"Schema" is an alternative to a surgical fat removal procedure. It is a complex procedure for the body skin from the Juliette Armand Skin Boosters line, which activates the natural processes of lipolysis (decomposition of subcutaneous fat tissue) and thus reduces the subcutaneous fat layer and smoothes the skin damaged by cellulite. Treatment creams and serums have a receptor-blocking effect, so the process of fat decomposition can continue without interruption. The "Schema" technology, confirmed by modern research, initiates lipolysis processes, accelerates blood flow, activates the secretion of sweat glands, accelerates the basic metabolic processes taking place in the cell, promotes the supply of oxygen to the cells, due to which slags and toxins are effectively removed.

Piktograma „Patvirtinta bendruomenės“

pHformula C.R. for skin affected by couperose is an active and effective complete recovery complex for chronic redness. Specially designed to work in conjunction with pHformula skin renewal treatments. The unique combination of active ingredients work synergistically to help accelerate skin recovery, support overall skin health and prevent future skin damage. Indications:

- Chronic reddening of the skin, redness of the face

- Vitamin A deficiency

- Accumulated dirt in the skin

- Lack of moisture

pHformula hyperpigmentation procedure - for quick and intensive skin hydration. During the procedure, preparations containing a pharmaceutical concentration of magnesium ascorbyl phosphate are used, which effectively act against skin aging and hyperpigmentation. Indications:

- Signs of pigmentation

- Fine wrinkles

Skin rejuvenation "TTV Lift Peel" is an excellent alternative to microneedle biorevitalization procedures. The formula of TTV Lift Peel contains growth factors and biomimetic peptides that act in different layers of the skin and are naturally synthesized in the human body. They blend harmoniously into the natural biochemical processes of the skin, so they are safe and do not cause allergic reactions. Smoother, more youthful and smoother skin is noticed immediately after the procedure. Indications:

- Lack of firmness, elasticity

- Skin aging, wrinkles

- Accumulated dirt in the skin - Acne

Nunii's pigment spot treatment system that uses only filtered ingredients in powder form. Contains no preservatives or skin irritants. The system visibly helps reduce the appearance of dark spots, fine lines and wrinkles. Indications:

- Melasma (chloasma)

- Skin inflammatory reactions (eczema, acne, psoriasis, chronic dermatitis, post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation)

- Allergic reaction to light

- Toxic reactions due to certain medications

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