Do you know why proper lymphatic flow is important?

You are probably not the only one who has heard such sonorous words as “lymphotaka, lymph flow”. What is hidden behind these words? Why is it important to constantly activate lymph circulation? What diseases are caused by slowed lymph flow? Jolanta Orlovienė, physical therapist of Sokrato Clinica, will answer all your questions.

Lymph is a viscous mass whose purpose is to move from the bottom up and remove toxic substances from the body. The lymphatic system is responsible for our immunity, and without proper lymph circulation in the body, our immunity weakens.


What can cause lymph flow to be impaired?

Since the flow of lymph occurs from the bottom up, its flow is activated by muscle contractions. Failure to maintain active leisure time is the main reason why lymph circulation slows down. In addition, poor nutrition also contributes to the slowing down of lymph flow, because fatty and unhealthy food contaminates the body with toxic substances that are difficult for the lymph to transport.


How to understand that the flow of lymph is slowed down?

One of the main signs that let you understand that the lymph is slowed down is constant tiredness of the legs. Other common signs of slowed lymph flow are swollen legs, feeling of “cold feet”, and enlarged leg veins. Apart from the visible signs, the flow of lymph is slowed down for all people who have constant sitting or standing work, because standing or sitting for too long tightens the lymph nodes in the groin, girdles and abdomen.

Bad diet

When you’re stuck at home, nutrient-poor snacks become more tempting. A diet lacking in essential nutrients and fiber can make your bowel movements painful and irregular.

How to help the lymph flow faster?

Lymph flow is accelerated by active free time and breathing exercises, but it is important to remember that without a healthy diet, the desired result will not be achieved, because the body will be contaminated with excess toxins and lymph circulation will not accelerate. Lymph circulation is also accelerated by warming and cooling body wraps and lymphatic drainage massages with hands or machines.

Saving the lymphatic system - lymphatic drainage massage (pressotherapy)!

For those who want to stimulate lymph flow and solve various perceived health problems, specialists advise to perform lymphatic drainage massage with a device, also known as pressotherapy! With the help of air pressure, air waves rising from the bottom to the top stimulate the lymph circulation and improve blood circulation. Directly acting air waves affect the subcutaneous layer of the skin, muscles, deep veins and lymphatic vessels. Lymphatic drainage massage treats cellulite caused by lymph accumulation, enlarged veins, combats skin sagging and lack of elasticity, and is also perfect for rehabilitation after surgery.

Sokratos clinic physiotherapists and therapeutic massage specialists will help you overcome health problems. Try a lymphatic drainage massage from You!

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