Diana who is committed to eyelid plastic surgery – “I don’t understand why I delayed so long”

Drooping eyelids are one of the most visually aging features of a person, giving the face additional tiredness and gloom. Over the years, the skin gradually loses elasticity and sags naturally, but these changes can have a negative impact not only on a person’s well-being, but also on vision – sagging skin reduces the field of vision of the eye. Plastic surgery is useful because lifting the upper eyelid opens the eyes, gives the look freshness and vitality.

The surgery is usually performed on middle-aged people, but other individual factors such as genetics are always taken into account. Some people simply inherit droopy eyelids from their parents and it has nothing to do with their age. Such was the story of Diana who visited Socrates’ clinic. After hearing about upper eyelid lifting surgery for the first time, the woman says she put off this idea for a long time. “I thought I was simply too young for such an operation. I’ve always had droopy eyelids, it was a family trait, and I didn’t feel ugly because my eyes were a different shape.

I wondered if I really needed an operation, but after looking at my mother’s face, I realized that in the future the skin will become even more loose and this will already cause vision problems. And I already wear glasses, why do I have to wait for eye problems to accumulate?” she recalls her thoughts.

The face can lie about how you feel

“It was only after the eyelids were completely healed that I realized that before the operation, I probably looked extremely sad and tired to everyone who saw me every day. It’s not a bad look to avoid, but my face didn’t quite reflect how I was feeling. I am a positive person and I try to infect everyone with a good mood, but when they looked into my eyes, the people around me probably thought the opposite. So yes, I really enjoy it when a person’s outside reflects the inside. I didn’t think much about it before,” said Diana.

akių vokų plastikos operacija

She says that she is happy that she decided to undergo the operation: “I was surprised by such clear changes – I became younger in a day, and although I did not aim for it at all, I was very satisfied with my changed appearance. It was like seeing the world from such a wide angle for the first time. And the healing didn’t last long, when I look in the mirror I don’t notice the scar at all. All I see in her is a lively woman with open, life-filled eyes.” The client of the clinic adds that a consultation with an experienced plastic surgeon helped dispel all doubts the most.

Trust in specialists is the greatest value

Consultation is mandatory for every person who visits the clinic – during it, the client is provided with all the necessary information about the course of the procedure, face or body care during the healing period. Before the operation, the specialist evaluates each individual case, takes into account the severity of the situation, the patient’s expectations and fears, and answers all the questions. Eyelid plastic surgery is performed under local or general anesthesia and takes only 1-2 hours, so the client can quickly return to his usual environment. During the operation, the plastic surgeon makes an incision at the eyelid line and removes excess skin, muscle or fat. The location of the scar coincides with the fold of the skin of the eyelid, so it is almost invisible.

Doctor of medical sciences, doctor of plastic and reconstructive surgery Inga Guogienė advises patients, performs plastic surgeries or other procedures at the Sokratos clinic. The doctor has repeatedly acquired knowledge in foreign and Lithuanian internships, which she very successfully applies in practice and delights every patient with excellent results.

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