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Consultations of a sexologist – maybe this is what you are missing? Do you know where the most common causes of poor sex life lie? They’re all right there, some of them probably in your head, some of them in your partner’s head. Problems in bed arise when something goes wrong, when you worry about your appearance or simply have desires that are not satisfied. It can be difficult and uncomfortable to talk about it with your partner, but most of the time, talking is the only way that can help solve the problem. It seems like how can I talk to a stranger about something I can’t even talk to my partner about? Yes, it is still a taboo, sexual problems and imperfections usually remain in the bedroom and this prevents the possibility of finally solving the problems and enjoying a full sex life.

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Sexologist consultation prices

  • Consultation of a sexologist 60 €

However, we want to convey the message to you that there is a solution and there is no need to fear it. It is unlikely that during the consultation, you will tell our sexology specialist something that he has not heard before. Most of the people face these problems and it is not something unusual. The specialist will help you understand the emotional reasons that prevent pleasure during the meeting. Also, it will help to understand whether certain physiological disorders do not interfere with a quality sexual life. We comply with the client’s privacy rules, if necessary, the client’s personal data is not identified.

Urologist Saulius Stirbys and obstetrician-gynecologist Lina Mockevičienė provide consultations at the Sokratos clinic.

Saulius Stirbys

Dr. Saulius Stirbys


Lina Mockevičienė

Dr. Lina Mockevičienė


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