Breast augmentation plastic surgery – which implants to choose?

Breast augmentation is probably the most commonly performed breast plastic surgery, which is chosen by women who want to have more beautiful, plump and fuller breasts. The operation is used not only in cases where the aim is to enlarge the breasts, but also to make them uniform, to raise them slightly by changing the distribution of fat. Breast asymmetry and ptosis (sagging) are common problems, so women’s desire to enjoy uniform, plump breasts is very understandable – a changed appearance can help regain femininity and self-confidence.

Before the operation, it is very important to choose the right implants – the result you will enjoy for years depends on them. Women desire to have very different breasts, some like firmer, more impressive ones, while others seek the most natural-looking beauty. Because of this, it is important that every woman who decides to have surgery is informed about all of her options.

The main differences between round and anatomical implants

Round implants lift the chest, give a “push-up” effect. Such implants are intended for those who want to look exceptional, because they emphasize more the fullness of the upper pole of the breast, i.e. i.e. the fullness of the chest is noticeable from its top. In comparison, anatomical implants are shaped like a drop of water and provide a much more natural-looking fullness as they adapt to the existing shape of the breast.

When choosing implants, it is important to pay attention not only to their shape and size, but also to the filling and shell. Implants must provide not only a beautiful appearance, but also a feeling as natural as possible. Patients of the “Sokrato” clinic can choose from several brands of implants, including the products of Sebbin, a company founded in France.

Advantages of Sebbin implants

Sebbin Laboratory has been perfecting its high-quality products for almost 30 years. The breast implants produced by them consist of a flexible silicone elastomer shell, which gives the breast prosthesis the necessary shape and blends smoothly with the body. Silicone gel Naturgel™ is used to fill the gel, which can be of 3 different consistencies: soft, classic and smooth. The texture of the implants is hardened enough to limit the rotation and movement of the product, the products are highly resistant to pressure and cracks.

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Recommendations for the most suitable consistency are given by the surgeon during the consultation. In addition, each Sebbin implant is laser-marked and has a unique identification number that allows tracking of its use.

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All the implants we offer are of extremely high quality, safe and created using the most innovative technologies. A wide selection allows each woman to find what is most suitable for her body and breast type, and most in line with her lifestyle and wishes.


The course of the procedure

Breast augmentation, like any other interventional procedure, requires a detailed consultation with a plastic surgeon. During the interview, you will discuss the state of health, expectations, possible results, implants, a breast examination and other preparations for the operation will be performed. Breast augmentation is performed under general anesthesia.

The surgeon, taking into account the anatomical characteristics of the breasts and the client’s expectations, applies the most appropriate surgical method, deciding where to make an incision (under the breast, at the nipples or armpits) and to place the implant (under the mammary gland or under the breast muscle). After applying the best method, he inserts the implant into the formed socket. At the end of the operation, the incision is sutured. The operation itself takes only 1-2 hours, and a person who does not engage in heavy physical activity can return to the workplace after a few days, but must wear a special compression bra for several months.

The surgeon tells the client more about breast care after surgery. Plastic surgery doctor Inga Guogienė performs breast plastic surgery at the Socrates clinic.

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