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Cellulite treatment with radio frequency therapy is an innovative and effective way to regain smooth, firm and attractive skin. The radio frequency emitted by INDIBA® Deep Care breaks down the fat cells of cellulite and simultaneously stimulates the production of collagen, so the skin becomes firmer, younger, and cellulite marks are reduced. It is an exclusive cellulite treatment and skin tightening method that will give you a healthy skin appearance and boost your self-confidence.

Who is this procedure suitable for?

Radio frequency therapy is suitable for the treatment of cellulite, loose skin of the legs, arms, abdomen, and face. The procedure cannot be performed on those with electronic implants in the body, pregnant women, and thrombophlebitis. Radio frequency therapy also treats pain and inhibits inflammatory processes.

What is the procedure?

At the beginning, a consultation with the specialist performing the procedure is carried out. Before the procedure, the skin is smeared with a special cream and, after selecting the appropriate parameters, the treated area is massaged with an electrode in circular movements. Heat is felt during the procedure.

The cost of radio frequency therapy

  • Skin tightening (30 min.) 40 €
  • Skin tightening (60 min.) 80 €
  • Cellulite treatment (30 min.) 40 €
  • Cellulite treatment (60 min.) 80 €

Visible result after several procedures?

The results depend on the lifestyle and individual physical characteristics, the stage of cellulite, the level of skin laxity. The condition of the skin improves after the first procedure, and an even more pronounced result is visible after about 6 sessions. The exact number of procedures is recommended by a specialist.

How long is the procedure?

Depending on the treated area, the procedure can be chosen from 30 to 60 minutes.

How does the Indiba Deep Care method work?

INDIBA® Deep Care is a device using 448 kHz radio frequency energy that tightens the skin, treats cellulite, improves blood flow in the veins, and reduces swelling. Why 448 kHz? Research has shown that this frequency best stimulates the movement of ions across cell membranes without causing negative consequences. This movement helps normalize cell activity, cell membranes become more permeable, so they can more easily absorb oxygen and nutrients supplied by increased blood flow. Radio frequency also stimulates other processes: better lymph flow, tissue detoxification, collagen production, lipolysis (fat breakdown), cell proliferation. The result is healing tissue, firm, smooth and elastic skin.

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