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Pain in the joints often interferes with daily activities, so appropriate and effective treatment must be applied. In order for pain in the joints to be properly treated, it is necessary to find out the cause of the pain in time. Medicinal injection into the joint can have an effective pain relief effect – pain blockade. When injected into the problem area, it effectively affects the focus of pain and prevents the spread of pain. It is probably the most effective blocking agent for chronic and acute pain in joints, tendon attachment points, bursae, reducing pain and helping to regain freedom of movement.

Who is this procedure suitable for?

Pain blockade can be applied to people whose freedom of movement is limited by shoulder, elbow, wrist, knee, ankle pain. Also, this procedure is applied to patients for whom oral medications are not effective enough or who cannot take medications for certain reasons. Punctures of swollen joints in bursitis elbows and knees are an effective pain treatment.

What is the procedure?

At the beginning, a consultation is carried out with the doctor performing the procedure, who assesses the patient’s condition, specifies the cause of the pain, medications used by the patient, previous treatment, etc.

During the consultation, depending on the patient’s case, various treatment methods are discussed. During the procedure, aspiration of excess fluid is performed, if necessary, medication injection (blockade) into the problem area, which reduces inflammation and swelling in the treatment area.

Visible result after several procedures?

The effect of pain blockade is felt immediately, and if pain reappears in the treated area, the procedure can be repeated after 3-6 months. The orthopedic traumatologist performing the procedure provides all necessary consultations and answers all questions of interest, will assess all possible risks and provide information on how to take care of yourself after the procedure. How long is the procedure? The consultation and pain block procedure can last from 30 to 60 minutes.

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