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We would like to invite all future mothers, as well as fathers, to the breastfeeding seminars/lectures organized at Sokratos Clinic. We promise that after listening to the lecture, breastfeeding will not be scary at all, because we will try to answer all your questions!

About the breastfeeding lecture

When becoming a mother for the first time, breastfeeding raises many questions:

– What determines successful breastfeeding?

– What is the correct breastfeeding technique?

– What are the correct breastfeeding positions?

– What are the needs of the newborn/infant?

– How to ensure a sufficient amount of milk?

– What is breast care during breastfeeding?

A specialist doing practical work will help answer these and other questions related to breastfeeding for future mothers and fathers!


  • One person 20 €
  • For two persons (husband and wife) 35 €

The theoretical lecture with practical classes will be held this year.

January 5 at 6 p.m., at the Sokratos Clinic – Raudondvarios pl 107, Kaunas.

Registration by phone +370 640 45 761 or e-mail by mail info@sokratoclinica.lt

*The number of places is limited!*

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